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Next Step Card by True Link

The Next Step Card from True Link supports recovery and improves the management of client spending allowances.

The nation’s leading addiction treatment programs rely on the Next Step Card from True Link to support recovery and improve the management of client spending allowances.

The Next Step Card simplifies funding, eases administrative burdens and saves time. Designed specifically for the behavioral healthcare industry, the Next Step Card is a reloadable prepaid debit card with customizable spending controls.

Families or program administrators can restrict cash withdrawals, set spending limits, and block the use of the card at unwanted merchants, all while encouraging independence and safety.

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While your loved one is in recovery, you want nothing more than to encourage their independence without having to worry about their safety. True Link is here to help. The Next Step Card from True Link is a reloadable debit card that enables you to provide funds to a family member or friend in a secure, transparent fashion. You determine when, where, and how much money can be spent, while your loved one is able to purchase what they need safely.

  • Decide where the card works
  • Easily load funds onto the card
  • Receive helpful notifications
  • Prevent setbacks on the path to recovery


With our user-friendly online dashboard, it’s easy to customize how True Link Cards work.

Concerned about spending habits?
Block trouble spots like online purchases and bars.

Need help with budgeting?
Set a transaction limit.

Want a card just for the essentials?
Allow only gas, food, clothes, and pharmacies.

Have a specific store in mind?
Set up the card to work only at merchants you select.

Problems managing cash?
Block ATMs, cash back, and bank withdrawals.