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Uncoordinated monitoring of patients using potent medications can result in death or severe disability for the patient and unparalleled liability for the physician.

Life Depends On It

The stakes are high for both patient and physician. Uncoordinated monitoring of patients using potent medications can result in death or severe disability for the patient and unparalleled liability for the physician. With counsel and physician working hand in hand with Alcala clients, physicians and facilities have an active partner. By contrast with the multimillion dollar, robot operations of other testing providers, Alcala provides direct interaction with its healthcare clients to provide them with accurate and timely testing results and follow up medical-legal consultation.



Alcala Testing & Analysis Services believes transparency, simplicity and visibility are integral to providing meaningful test results to health care providers. Without an understanding of the process of testing, providers may not understand the value or significance of test results. Those results have to be accessible to health care providers with ease and without needless consumption of time in trying to figure out a complex report. Accurate results, simply stated mean less time spent playing detective and more time delivering patient care.

How do I submit a urine sample to Alcala?

Alcala provides physicians with order forms and specimen containers. Provider staff can obtain the samples from patients and schedule convenient pick up or use overnight delivery to send the samples to Alcala Laboratories.

What is the turn around time?

Alcala’s cutting edge technology allows rapid turn around times – usually within two days of receipt of the sample (urine toxicology test) or within five days (pharmacogenetics test)  unless the practitioner requests that results be provided sooner.        

Why do I need to drug test?

Put simply, if a medical provider wants to adhere to the standard of care and avoid potential lawsuits and regulatory action (including the potential of DEA and Medical Board action), drug testing is mandatory. Failing to ensure that patients can be compliant with their care plan and failing to monitor their consumption of medications to avoid diversion or abuse almost guarantees problems for medical providers. A few minutes spent on a regular basis obtaining a urine sample can save countless hours and agony down the line.

How much does it cost?

Alcala bills third party payors such as health insurers for its services and, in some cases, bills patients directly if there is no coverage or if the patient’s health plan requires payment from the patient. Alcala works collaboratively with medical providers and their patients to ensure that the benefit of drug testing is available at a reasonable rate that matches ability to pay.

How does the lab test?

Using appropriate chain of custody and ensuring that its results are accurate, Alcala uses the latest, cutting-edge technology to test, screen, confirm and, if necessary, re-test samples entrusted to its analysis.

How does the lab report?

Alcala’s reports are available through a secure web portal to enable medical providers to access results directly online – click on the highlighted text for Urinary Drug Testing and Pharmacogenetic Testing web portals. Upon request Alcala will e-mail, mail or fax its results, depending on the medical provider’s preference.

What if I have a question about a report?

Alcala’s scientific and legal team are available to answer questions about test results and their potential legal implications directly.