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American Clinical Solutions

Urine and oral fluid, drug-testing laboratory that was established with the objective to provide accurate, timely and complete management.

American Clinical Solutions is a urine and oral fluid, drug-testing laboratory that was established with the objective to provide accurate, timely and complete medication management and medication reconciliation information to healthcare providers. We believe that medication management is a best practice approach to quality care. ACS employs an UHPLC-MS/MS analyzer, the industry’s most advanced technology available to identify, measure and quantify the presence of a scheduled (controlled substance) prescription(s), non-prescribed controlled substances and, in some cases, any illicit narcotics. This highly sensitive equipment provides timely and very precise results of drug concentration values and is used specifically for high complexity definitive confirmation testing.

In today’s medical world, keeping up with and understanding all of the news on chronic pain management guidelines, effective drug testing requirements for controlled substances and the state and federal regulations can be challenging. Having access to industry experts can help to provide the latest and most up-to-date information available to ensure that you and your team have the best practice policies and processes in place when it comes to medication management.

At American Clinical Solutions we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to promote a service first attitude. This is why our representatives are always available to you by phone or in person. Below is a list of a few other reasons that makes ACS the right decision:


Welcome Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Welcome to American Clinical Solutions. We want to thank you for your interest in our services. At American Clinical Solutions, were committed to providing individual healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics with the most advanced, state-of-the-art urine drug confirmation testing for scheduled prescription and illicit narcotics. Our team has developed a highly complex proprietary method which detects, confirms and quantifies the presence and concentration of narcotic levels in your patientssystems. Partnered with your practice, our laboratory service can institute responsible prescribing and create a lab-Guided narcotic medication management program for your patients.

The SentryPro System

SentryPro is American Clinical Solutions proprietary laboratory-guided testing platform, designed specifically to meet today’s strict measurement and quantification standards. SentryPro uses HPLC-MS/MS technology to accurately detect and then quantify narcotic drug use among specific patients. While the proprietary SentryPro process uses the most advanced and comprehensive methods available today, its one of the most clinician-friendly systems on the market. It requires only a few moments of the clinicians time to collect and ship samples to the ACS lab, and turnaround time is usually no more than 48 to 72 hours.

Better outcomes through better compliance

Through regular monitoring, the SentryPro system helps physicians keep a close watch over patients compliance levels to ensure the medications are being taken in the manner prescribed. Testing, combined with patient exams and self-reporting, can also help physicians determine when a medication regimen needs to be altered, helping ensure better outcomes and improved pain management.

Detect abuse and misuse

Regular testing can help clinicians identify patients who may be abusing or otherwise misusing their prescribed medications, and among patient populations where the risk of abuse is high, a program of regular testing can serve as a deterrent to abusive behaviors.

Protect your practice and your patients

Prior to prescribing, SentryPro allows physicians to test patients for the presence of other narcotics to avoid potential overdose or harmful drug interactions. By regularly monitoring serum levels of narcotic medications, clinicians can fine tune their treatment plans to help patients recover more quickly and with less pain. In addition, SentryPro provides recorded documentation of all testing results, which means healthcare providers can prescribe with confidence, knowing their prescribing decisions are based on state-of-the-art testing methods and reports.

  • Minimize medication reconciliation errors with objective clinical toxicology data
  • Reduce clinical variance through evidence-based results
  • May decrease hospital visits and/or re-hospitalization due to the synergistic effects of poly-pharmacy
  • Through definitive data, develop protocols to identify proper medication compliance, diversion, abuse and/or addiction
  • Results are available within 48-72 hours and delivered via EMR, web-portal or fax
  • We supply the shipping supplies and in most cases ship supplies the same day
  • Subject matter experts (scientists and toxicologists) are always available to share insight and knowledge on results




Benefits of Effective Lab Guided SentryPro Pain Management:

  • Patient compliance documentationsol-img01
  • Increase speed of recovery
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Reduced length of stay and overall hospital costs
  • Inhibit medication dependency
  • Improve quality of life
  • Create a more thorough care plan
  • Limit medical liability

Barriers to Effective Pain Management:

There are no specified standards to score, measure and treat pain. Further, it is difficult to accurately diagnose and treat pain patients without interdisciplinary communication and lab documentation. Often times the limited communication between pharmacies and practitioners can make it more complicated to track and/or identify drug seekers and/or physician shoppers. Various reasons contribute to these barriers including:


  • Belief that pain is normal after surgery
  • Under or over-estimation of the patient’s pain
  • Concerns that pain relief will mask the need for a surgery diagnosis or complications
  • Lack of regular and frequent assessments of pain and any pain relieving measures