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Dynamic Clinical Laboratories

DCL is an advanced toxicology laboratory that caters to substance use treatment providers.

The Dynamic Difference

DCL is an advanced toxicology laboratory that caters to substance use treatment providers, pain management and medication monitoring, creating drug-free workplaces, student affairs, laboratories, sports medicine, family support services, and the justice system. We were founded by a team of professionals who have experienced dissatisfaction with laboratories and used that experience to fuel the desire to create a laboratory that surpasses expectations of clinicians, physicians, families, and other professionals who rely on the accuracy of their test results.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer industry-leading speed and concierge level service by a friendly staff who works to make each client’s experience simple and seamless. We even go as far as to eliminate a customer’s hassle of dropping specimen off at our laboratory or even at the post office. In using our local courier services, we come to you, thus, eliminating the time-consuming errand transporting specimen yourself.

DCL will always go above and beyond for our clients, whether you are a concerned parent, a clinician, or a member of the justice system. With the sage experience of our founders, we have been able to manifest a superior laboratory that personalizes client service. The result is a clinical solution to client care. It is our hope that our organization’s dedication to monitoring and assessing substance use can help facilitate, aid, and encourage those suffering from addiction into recovery.

The Dynamic Difference sets us apart from other laboratories. Turnaround time for each specimen is faster, thus expediting wait time and helping to move the process of a drug screen along. We realize that results can help determine the direction of an individual’s life, which is why we offer thorough results including both quantitative and qualitative answers upon request.


One of the most fundamentally crucial parts of a treatment plan for substance use is incorporating drug screening. Drug screening at the start of treatment allows for transparency, letting facilitators and physicians know exactly which substances a patient has been using. This can be especially important for intake information to decipher whether or not a medical detoxification program is required before treatment can begin. During detoxification, toxicology screening can be utilized to ensure that toxicity levels are decreasing properly. In an outpatient setting, random and frequent drug screening is ideal because it helps program facilitators assess whether their patients are abiding by their treatment plan outside of program hours.

 For substance use treatment providers to remain ethical, they must incorporate drug screening in their treatment plan. Without it, treating an individual for substance use is like guess-work, and the results can be dangerously devastating to a patient’s life. Substance use providers need to know exactly what their patients have been taking, and the amount of any given substance that is present in their system. With our qualitative and quantitative screening, we can determine the presence of a substance, approximately when the use was, and using the information provided a clinician can make the determination of if the use is habitual and addiction is present.

We offer a wide variety of substances that we screen for which includes illicit narcotics, prescription drugs, and two different types of alcohol.

Our results are accurate and dependable, something that can be difficult to accomplish in drug screening. This is because certain substances including benzodiazepines and THC (cannabis) can store themselves inside the body and then excrete over long periods of time, thus, producing a positive result even when the patient has not used. We are able to give accurate results because we have analyzers which can give specific results down to just how much of the substance is present in the specimen. This information is important to a clinician because it can help them to determine whether the use is current or if the use is a previous time prior to treatment.

We understand that during substance use treatment, positive drug screening results can result in negative consequences. That is why we use reputable technology to screen specimen to the degree of result requested by the clinician.

In substance use treatment, the very risk of discovery can help to stop a patient from using, sometimes even for months after the treatment ends. This makes the efficacy of drug screening prominent in the treatment of substance use.

We are sensitive to the needs of each individual client, realizing that each test result is important to an individual’s future. Every situation that brought up a reason for testing is unique, and we take care of every client as with care and importance. Our founders possess over 75 years of collective experience in relevant fields, which has taught them the needs that arise with every toxicology client, where laboratories need to be stronger and better and has helped them to appreciate the client care requirements that come with those who utilize laboratory services.

From their experiences of realizing what works and what does not came Dynamic Clinical Laboratories.

DCL will always make every effort to please each client on an individual basis while remaining ethical, honest, and efficient. We never accept, promote, or offer kickbacks to our business relations, thus, ensuring that our practices follow every law. The Dynamic name is a name you can trust.

We want you to feel confident in DCL’s ability to satisfy your needs, produce accurate results and get them to you in a timely manner. This is why we invite you to call us, talk with us, and try us to experience the Dynamic Difference today.

Why DCL?

Dynamic Clinical Labs is hardly the largest diagnostic lab in the US, far from it. That’s exactly why you should partner with us. Our client service and support organization is going to make you happy. Our client support line is open from 7 am to 10 pm PDT. If your employee that is working late, you don’t have to worry if they need support from Dynamic Clinical Labs, we will be there.

DCL’s leadership team is comprised of healthcare, revenue cycle management and insurance professionals, as well as clinicians and former successful providers.

Our focus is always upon your needs and how Dynamic Labs can provide the most convenient, efficient customized solution. In essence, the definition of being Dynamic.