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Lab Geeks

Providing comprehensive, quantitative drug and alcohol testing for addiction treatment facilities.


Lab Geeks is a clinical testing facility that provides solutions for:

  • Patients recovering from drug and alcohol addiction
  • Physicians requiring testing as part of their treatment plan and compliance programs for patients suffering from addiction
  • Health institutions that require and utilize blood test results to assess the basic health needs of their clients.

Whatever the needs of our customer, the clinical testing methods and processes provided by Lab Geeks will present a complete overview of results that allows experienced professionals to make good decisions.

At Lab Geeks we know, our greatest resource is “our people.” All Clinical Team members are hand-picked, based on experience, equipment knowledge, and industry applicable expertise. All field sales members have been trained extensively across the breadth of laboratory services offered at Lab Geeks. In addition, each field sales member is required to attend and complete an Industry Compliance and Regulations Workshop prior to the commencement of any field activity and direct customer interactions.



Services Provided: Toxicology Screen, Toxicology Quantification, Clinical/Bloodwork, Hair Drug Testing, Hair Segmentation Testing, Pharmacogenetic, or any other.

  • Chemistry Analyzer
  • Toxicology Qualitative
  • Toxicology Quantitative
  • Clinical/Bloodwork


Areas of Service: this is important, so we can narrow the offerings per area, instead of providing the whole list of supporting labs

  • Anti-Aging Clinics
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Medical Specialists
  • Treatment and Addiction Centers


Promotional description of the lab

Compliance:  At Lab Geeks, as a health care service provider working in the field of Addiction Treatment and Recovery, we adhere to the highest regulatory standards at both the State and Federal levels.

Science:  At Lab Geeks our focus is to identify and implement the highest level of science available to bring real value to our clients and customers.

Customer Service:  At Lab Geeks we support our customers, clients, and patients through continuous education and field support, from the very first date of service, and throughout the entire sustained lifetime of the business to business relationship.