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Global Molecular Labs

Premier full service toxicology and blood chemistry laboratory committed to creating innovative testing services.

Global Molecular Labs is a premier full service toxicology and blood chemistry laboratory committed to creating innovative testing services. We are committed to providing the most supportive and comprehensive testing experience for the patient and physician through:


Our expert staff provides quick and accurate reports by utilizing leading technologies. We remain at the forefront of medical and scientific advances to deliver optimal results for health professionals and their patients.


Our customer service representatives provide clear, deliberate and personalized customer service while our account managers provide a single point of accountability to our clients.


As a CLIA certified laboratory, we submit to the highest standards of laboratory compliance. Our in-house Billing and Insurance Specialists also monitor every test we receive.

Toxicology Services

GML offers comprehensive and easy-to-interpret drug reports that allow you to make informed and critical decisions for your patients. GML has a broad testing menu that can detect a broad range of illicit and prescription drugs. Our tests target a wide range of commonly abused prescriptions. All specimens go through a complex testing process: a qualitative screening and quantitative confirmation. Your practice will receive access to a secure, online reporting and tracking portal. Our system allows you to easily review your patient’s most recent results within 72 hours of submission.



In addition to toxicology screenings, GML also offers comprehensive blood chemistry testing to determine physiological and biochemical states such as disease, mineral content, and organ function. GML’s blood platform is ever expanding in an effort to better serve physicians and patients. Our current menu includes the standard Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) and CBC with Differential. We also offer liver, renal, lipid, thyroid, diabetes, iron, bone, and inflammation and hormone panels.

There are several benefits to blood work:

  • It can be used as a tool for preventative healthcare
  • It helps to screen for a wide range of problems
  • It aids in patient monitoring and proper treatment

GenoPath Services

GML provides a pharmacogenomics and medication management system known as GenoPATH Testing. This type of testing analyzes how genes affect a person’s ability to metabolize drugs and allows doctors to make more informed decisions regarding drug choices and proper dosage. The incidences of unintentional overdose-related deaths are exponentially growing. The GenoPATH medication management system seeks to provide solutions for this developing epidemic.

Tailoring medication regimens to the specific needs of the body benefits both the patient and the doctor by avoiding adverse drug interactions, harmful toxicity, lengthy and unnecessary trial-and-error processes and accidental overdose.