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We are a full service, CLIA compliant, high complexity reference boutique specialty laboratory.

About Our Services

We are a full service, CLIA compliant, high complexity reference boutique specialty laboratory. Our lab equipment includes the most technologically advanced “Gold Standard” analyzing equipment on the market and we are considered the “Gold Standard” in the industry.

Health 360 Labs, Inc. combines state-of-the-art laboratory testing, processes, methodologies and cutting edge technology to assist in providing the highest quality of care. We have designed a laboratory with clinicians and patients in mind. From the ease of submitting samples to the quick turn-around time of results, our clients are able to focus on patient care knowing our results are accurate.

What We Offer

Health 360 Labs, Inc. offers both urine toxicology drug confirmation testing as well as PGx testing for accurate prescription therapy. You can learn more about the services our firm offers below.

The Health 360 Laboratory Difference.

We use the latest technology that is built to handle the volume from all of our healthcare clients across the country to insure quick and accurate results.

We use blood samples and cheek swabs for our PGx testing. By using this technology a qualified professional can obtain a DNA sample in a non-invasive manner.

We have a web-based portal for clients which allows for client data input, test requests (requisitions) and online report access (a paperless system). Access to results through tablets and smart phone applications are in the development process.



What is Pharmacogenetics?

With the use of prescription medications today at an all-time high, trends are showing some alarming risks regarding prescription medications and adverse medication reactions (ADRs). Physicians have long recognized the differences in which patients respond to prescription medications. With advances in science, the traditional “hit or miss” approaches are becoming obsolete with Pharmacogenetics (DNA or PGx) Testing.


Pharmacogenetis or PGx emerged out of the recognition that a certain degree of genetic variations are inherited and, therefore, predictable. Pharmacogenetics is the science that examines the inherited variations in genes that dictate a patient’s drug response. Now, physicians can access information predicting whether a patient will have a good or bad response to a drug or no response at all.

Why do some patients not respond to one treatment as opposed to another? Why do some patients have a higher tolerability to medications over others? Pharmacogenetics supplies these answers to physicians so they can prescribe more effective outcomes.

Save Time. Save Money. Save Lives.

Pharmacogenetic testing determines the type of metabolizer your patient is. PGx testing defines whether your patient is an Extensive Metabolizer (EM), and Intermediate Metabolizer (IM), a Poor Metabolizer (PM), or and Ultra-Rapid Metabolizer (UM). Understanding your patient will help you prescribe accurately the first time around. this mitigates not only risk, but improves outcomes for your patients faster. the benefits are clear and simple.

Why Use Pharmacogenetics?

drugs are metabolized slowly in individuals with a particular genetic makeup causing absent or decreased enzyme activity. These individuals are at a higher risk for adverse drug reactions (ADRs) or therapeutic failure based on their ability to metabolize medications. Drug therapy could be ineffective if the drug is metabolized too quickly or not at all. PGx helps predict a patient’s ability to respond to a prescription. Now, physician’s can individually customize a patient’s treatment plan.

A simple cheek swab or blood sample can be used for PGx testing. Eliminate the risky liability from prescribing the wrong medication. Reduce ADR’s. Choose the vital tool of PGx testing. Take the guesswork out of prescribing the right medication, the right dose for the right patient at the right time.