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Integra Lab Solutions

Innovative toxicology laboratory providing faster and more accurate results for drugs of abuse testing.

Integra Lab Solutions is a innovative toxicology laboratory providing faster and more accurate results for drugs of abuse testing to meet the needs of employers, drug treatment facilities and pain-management clinics. We are a team of highly-trained professionals dedicated to ensuring that patients receive consistently accurate results in a timely and responsible manner. We incorporate best in class technologies from the field of drug analysis, to create a seamless approach for drug-testing, that “raises the bar” in laboratory technology.

The Integra Difference


As drugs of abuse continuously evolve, Integra Lab Solutions can quickly adapt to new drugs being introduced and develop new testing methodologies, which empowers healthcare providers to quickly respond to and modify treatment plans that substantiate medical necessity.


Integra has pioneered technology that allows us to analyze specimens in half the time of standard laboratories without sacrificing the clinical soundness of our science or the quality of service to our clients. Advanced automation, in conjunction with our laboratory information management system, gives us a “one-touch” methodology, allowing us to perform testing using lower sample volumes which minimizes the possibility of sample error.



Our integrated laboratory information and automation system is custom built for the toxicology industry, which provides:

  • Highly robust information management, enabling multiple tiers of data to facilitate integrated analytical reporting for the patient, provider and payer.
  • Automated notification allowing us to provide tracking of specimen status in real-time, provider notifications and stat/critical values messaging, and presumptive/confirmatory reports with consistent vs inconsistent commenting.
  • Improved accountability, transparency and efficiency due to our ability to create real time compliance rules and frequent audits within our internal processes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a relationship of mutual trust with patients, providers and payers that is built on professionalism and innovative best practice. We aim to achieve this by consistently delivering world class diagnostic testing that is cost effective, clinically-proven and medically justifiable; supported by reliable, real time outcomes data.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be the most sought after and respected trusted advisors in the Clinical Laboratory business.”

We aim to achieve this vision by working with amazing people, passionately investing in education, cutting edge technology with a high level of attention to detail that satisfies and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Our Values & Social Responsibility

We commit to the following principles that guide our behavior as we aim to create the next level of responsible diagnostic testing in healthcare.


We are committed to your success by earning and retaining your trust, every day, every step of the way, one test at a time.


We believe that the interests of our company and our customers are best served through a sustainable business that operates under economically, ethically and socially governed principles.

Best Practices

We recognize that standards and best practices for drug testing require new strategies as we forge through change. We are committed to innovation in our field by advancing the delivery of more timely, accurate and cost-effective laboratory models for the benefit of patient-centered outcomes.


We believe we must collaborate with public and private interests to create a unified force for meaningful improvements. To this end, we will partner with the patient, the provider, the employer, the payer, government and the public, to achieve our corporate social covenant.


As a company, we are accountable to our internal and external stakeholders; owing each other a level of transparent, and accountable actions that enhances our industry.