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Testing Matters

Established to consistently provide the recovery and pain management industry with accurate test results.

Testing Matters Toxicology has been established to consistently provide the recovery and pain management industry with accurate test results. Due to our extensive involvement in these industries, we fully understand the importance of a quick turnaround time for results which in some instances can mean the difference between life and death.

With our 24 hour turnaround time* you can rest assured that your clients will always receive quick and accurate results.

Our secure HIPAA compliant laboratory information system is user friendly, paperless and results are uploaded as soon as they are obtained and reviewed by our clinical staff.


Our Services Include:

  • Screenings for common drugs of abuse
  • Confirmations which test for over 40 drug analyses
  • Testing for synthetics and designer drugs such as Bath Salts, Kratom, and K2 Spice


From our friendly couriers to our licensed clinical staff members, we at Testing Matters Toxicology are fully committed to accurate results in a timely manner.

Customer satisfaction through commitment, honesty and integrity is our number one priority.

*24 hours from when specimen arrives to the laboratory.


About Us

We at Testing Matters Toxicology are a group of dedicated and committed professionals that completely and fully understand the importance of quick, accurate drug screenings and confirmations for treatment centers and pain management clinics.

Testing Matters Toxicology evolved from the commitment to have a clean and safe environment for clients residing at Change Within, a halfway house in Florida when a regular 10 panel drug test was not sufficient due to the increase of synthetic drugs in the community.

As a social worker dedicated to clients in recovery from addiction, Riguhey S. Andreu, CEO and founder of Testing Matters Toxicology, was not able to find a lab that could offer her the level of care and respect she offered her clients. It often took 3, 5, and sometimes even 7 business days to receive confirmation results. Without 100% proof of positive results for days, the staff members at the halfway house found themselves in a very difficult and sometimes even dangerous situation. Clients who had tested positive continued to live at the halfway house waiting for results or had to be to leave ask to leave in order to keep others safe. None of us were comfortable with either choice, so we decided to open our own lab, lease a chemical analyzer and test in-house. This solved the issue to a certain extent because it reduced the turnaround time of the screenings; however, questionable and/or positive specimens still had to be sent out for confirmation.

We began to think that we couldn’t be the only ones frustrated with the Toxicology Industry, so we made a list of all the frustrations we had with other labs and set out to resolve those issues; always thinking about the client which is the most vulnerable, less protected and in most need. After serious consideration, we closed the halfway house, changed the lab status, moved to a bigger location, and upgraded our equipment.

Testing Matters Toxicology was established with our commitment to bring you a laboratory with the same levels of compassion, respect and integrity that we had for our clients at the halfway house. That is why fast, accurate results together with compassion, honesty and integrity are what we stand for.