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Better Addiction Care

We have caring staff members that have conquered their own battles with drug addiction and want to help you get sober.

About Better Addiction Care
Better Addiction Care is a national recognized network of treatment centers. BAC has relationships with residential rehabilitation treatment facilities for substance abuse, mental health disorders and dual diagnosis. BAC prides itself on only working with those facilities that provide comprehensive programming, holistic healing approaches and rigorous assessments that combat all underlying conditions. We are focused on recovery by utilizing the most advanced methods to provide our patients with the highest quality of care and treatment.

We at BAC are committed to the concept that the patient always comes first, meaning that we begin the process by getting to know the individual; learning their specific needs; determining the best treatment partner and therapies; and most importantly educating and guiding the patient on his or her new path to recovery. BAC’s team of professionals have a combined 100-plus years of experience in the treatment industry and are highly trained in identifying a patient’s needs and then matching him or her with the right treatment partner.


  • BAC specializes in a variety of treatment services, including: drug and alcohol treatment, dual-diagnosis, primary mental health, adolescent care, anxiety, depression, trauma, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • BAC’s interest in the patient’s recovery continues well after treatment. We provide ongoing case management services and support after treatment to ensure your transition back into “everyday” life goes smoothly.
  • BAC currently has a network of 12 treatment centers in 17 states across the country.
  • Amenities and therapies currently offered by in-network facilities include equine, music, yoga, holistic, massage therapy, exercise and nutrition.




BAC partners with best-in-class treatment and mental health facilities across the country and boasts immediate facility admissions within the company’s extensive network of experts in the field. Founded by a team of addiction therapy experts and marketers with a passion for helping others, BAC aims to change the treatment industry so that individuals struggling can get the help they need quickly and efficiently.


A typical BAC patient’s plan includes the following:

  • Accurate assessment and treatment of all diagnosed conditions
  • Comprehensive staff support during your stay
  • An expert staff of medical and psychological counselors
  • Non-judgmental, compassionate, confidential care
  • A treatment plan individually tailored to their needs
  • Intensive outpatient therapy with staff-supported residential living
  • Providing education for them and their family
  • Small therapy groups
  • Multi-therapy treatment
  • Looking forward to their aftercare as a goal


Ultimately, our mission at Better Addiction Care is to encourage our patients to identify their strengths in order to overcome their weaknesses and use them as tools on their path to recovery. For those who come to us seeking help, we offer individualized and comprehensive assessments that help patients find the best option for a successful recovery from their drug and alcohol addiction, mental health disorders and co-occurring conditions.


Your Roadmap to Recovery: Get Help Now!


At Better Addiction Care, you are never alone. Our team of outreach professionals, treatment specialists, and support staff will assure you are well informed and cared for every step of the way.


Talk to a Specialist  Taking the first step. Once you have decided to stop fighting and want to change your life. It’s time to ask for help.


Treatment Match  Our experienced Client Care Specialists will conduct a personal pre-screen and determine which treatment center would best match your specific needs and preferences.


Travel & Coordination  Our team of specialists work with you to coordinate transportation and insurance requirements, as well as any other miscellaneous items that may arise. They are committed to ensuring you get to the right location quickly and efficiently.


Detoxification Process  Upon arrival at one of our specialized treatment providers, our Client Care team will guide you through the detox process. Detox is designed to remove all of the drugs and alcohol from your body and get you ready for your new found recovery!


Rehabilitation  Once you have completed the detoxification process, the real work begins! At this time, you will enter the rehabilitation process where you will work with an expert in the field to explore the cause behind your behaviors and actions and address those specific issues so you can overcome and conquer them.


Recovery  Once finished with the rehabilitation process you are now prepared to begin your lifelong journey of recovery. Our Client Care Specialists will guide you through this challenging and rewarding process. Our team of professionals are based in the field near you to allow for convenient interaction and ongoing case management support. Our team will provide you the necessary attention and assistance to make sure you don’t fall back into addiction.


History of Better Addiction Care

Joe Ducey, like many others, suffered with the disease of addiction for many years. He struggled to get sober multiple times but each time failed and fell back into his old behaviors. He wanted to get clean and finally on his fourth time entering a treatment center, everything changed. This final treatment center had all the right tools and support Joe needed to sustain long-term sobriety. More than a decade later, today Joe is sober and thriving.


Joe knew that his good fortune of finding the right treatment center is lost on so many in need. He decided that he would take his knowledge and personally work to help those struggling with addiction and mental health. Joe went on to be a successful executive in the treatment industry and eventually joined with marketing and sales veteran Shane SantaCroce to start Better Addiction Care (BAC), based in Deerfield Beach, Florida.


Shane had years of experience working in marketing, hospitality and sales, and a dad who was an addict. He, however, never considered marrying the industries until a friend pushed him to give it a try. After nearly a year of research into the addiction and treatment industry, including time dedicated to better understanding his own father’s personal struggles, Shane developed a passion for the cause and believed he could make a real impact.


Shane and Joe, and the team that now surrounds them, have a mission to “make the one call count.” As Shane explains: “It sometimes takes a lifetime for someone to get the courage to ask for help…and when they do, it’s our responsibility to make that call count and to get them to the right treatment center, and get them the help they need.”


Today BAC is focused on growing to meet the needs of the thousands of people across the country struggling with addiction. The company recently launched an Outreach Program dedicated to putting feet on the ground in key markets across the country. This will ensure that the BAC Outreach Professionals are in the communities, networking with local therapists and organizations, and making connections with those searching for help. The Outreach Program will also allow BAC to better meet the needs of their patients before, during and after the detox, rehab and recovery process.


By mid 2017, BAC anticipates growing to a few hundred employees with Outreach Professionals located in 10-plus key markets around the country. At that time, Shane also expects to be networked with 12 or more treatment facilities – each of which will be screened, reviewed and personally recommended by the BAC team.


Ultimately, Shane and Joe see BAC as changing the treatment industry as it exists today!