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C&C Consulting, Management, & Marketing

C & C Consulting, Management, & Marketing is a professional operating company dedicated to the licensing and infrastructure development of substance abuse treatment and medical facilties.

LAYING THE FOUNDATION & EXECUTE YOUR VISION – all levels of licensing, infrastructure development, staffing & leadership training, implementation of strategic marketing campaigns & sourcing of the best purveyor relationships.

We create, find solutions & implement strategies for new and existing facilities to maximize their resources and growth potential.

I. Licensure Application Process

  • Coordinate and complete all applications for a substance abuse treatment programs for example – Detox/Inpatient, PHP (Day/Night) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) components.
  • Direct and advise The Customer in obtaining necessary forms, documents and inspections as outlined in the state specific Administrative Code in order to expedite the licensing process including all required fees.
  • Develop and prepare a comprehensive policy and procedure manual with protocols specific to The Customer’s vision for his or her treatment program.
  • Create and include all forms associated with policies and procedures.
  • Prepare a comprehensive “home study” training and/or presentation for all staff members to ensure that they are knowledgeable of the agency’s protocols.
  • Continue to work closely with The Customer acting as a liaison with the state specific agency licensing specialists throughout the process through probationary license and first audit in order to ensure for full state specific license status.

For a time consisting of no less than that in which it takes to obtain the final license.
FEE : determined after initial project consult

II. Infrastructure Development

  • Develop the internal functions, fundamental and foundational systems that will support and service the organization and founder’s vision and goals by:
    1. Establishing the vendor relationships and partnerships that will best accommodate the needs of the organization.
    2. Customizing the systems to specifically meet the needs of the center.
    3. Implementing systems and procedures and protocols specific for each department.
    4. Provide SOP’s and protocol for each department.
    5. Provide staff training and ongoing support for the systems and protocols.

I will advise and refer to legitimate and ethical purveyors of other needed/required services such as:

  • Utilization Review
  • Billing
  • Electronic Medical Records Systems


For a time consisting of no less than that in which it takes to secure appropriate relationships and implement systems – typically around 30-45 days
FEE : determined after initial project consult

III. Staffing and Personnel

  • Advertise and coordinate hiring for the most qualified, experienced and learned professionals to staff the treatment program to include the following positions and any others as requested by The Customer: Medical Director, Clinical/Program Director, Therapists, ARNP, Behavioral Health Tech Supervisor and specialty positions such as Art/Music therapists, Acupuncturist, Yoga and Tai Chi Instructors, Spiritual Care Coordinator/Therapist, Practitioners of : DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Trauma Therapies, etc.
  • Integrate and provide an outline for personnel files, lists of trainings and requirements.
  • Outline and integrate a comprehensive policy and procedure manual with protocols specific to Human Resources.
  • Outline comprehensive job descriptions for each position with performance evaluations for various time frames.

FEE: determined after initial project consult

IV. Marketing and Branding

  • Develop and deploy marketing communications to represent treatment services provided by The Customer
  • Coordinate and drive marketing communications activities for new programs or changes to existing programs through the following avenues:
    1. Content: provide/write content on treatment programs and services to be used on website, in marketing collateral, media, social marketing and advertising – Not SEO , but SEO ready
    2. Collateral: develop hard-copy and electronic brochures, fact sheets, flyers, CDs, DVDs, videos and podcasts to promote The Customer and its programs
    3. Production: Has knowledge of graphic design and is able to convey concepts, branding, look/feel to graphic designer to enhance/protect/promote The Customer.
    4. Events/trade shows: booth presence, signage, staffing. Also coordinate on-site workshops and events at The Customer Recovery including workshops and CEU trainings.
    5. Public Relations: in partnership with agency, draft and/or review press releases, Q&As, key messages, PR activities, collateral, web announcements and updates
    6. Web: Write/upload content for new landing pages, treatment pages, and resource pages/compendium. Execute backlink strategy to increase one-way links from other sites to The Customer. Work with agency to maintain or increase Google and organic rankings through Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords. Continue to build Social Networking resources
    7. Advertising: manage advertising projects and initiatives
    8. Brand: continue to develop and enforce brand identity for The Customer Recovery through logo, colors, and look and feel of organization and facilities (both virtual and physical)

FEE : determined after initial project consult

Additional Services

Financial Planning & Management

Develop a Financial & Fiscal Plan for the Organization, to include, but not limited to PROJECTED Pre-Operation Costs, Monthly Payroll & Planning, projected Gross & Net Revenues, and Profitability & Pro-Forma Statements

Designing and Facility Build-out

Design the facility to meet local and state codes & statutes
Work with vendors to outfit & equip the office with proper furnishings, security & IT settings Decorate and Furnish Office

V.Grand Opening

  • Ensure streamlined operations processes
  • Continued staff training and development
  • Executive team support and training

FEE : determined after initial project consult

The Services will also include any other tasks which the Parties may agree on. The Consultant hereby agrees to provide such Services to the Customer.

I thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your team in order to lay the foundation to execute your vision and mission.

Please keep in mind that I am available on a more long-term basis thereafter as well if so desired, as I look to establish long-term business partnerships and relationships.

Looking forward to your response and launching this project with you!