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SL Consulting

SL Consulting is a Florida-based provider of financial & operational consulting services to the treatment industry.

About us

SL Consulting is a Florida-based provider of financial & operational consulting services to the treatment industry.

Financial Consulting Services

Equity / Debt Raising – While the substance abuse treatment is a rapidly growing, profitable sector, many treatment center owners aren’t growing as quickly as they could be because their owners prefer not to reinvest significant capital in their businesses. SL Consulting helps clients raise debt and growth equity, running the entire process from the creation of investor/lender presentations, to investor/lender outreach, to due diligence.

Mergers & Acquisitions – It’s no secret that the behavioral health space is consolidating rapidly. The industry’s most opportunistic treatment centers have made strategic acquisitions in order to expand their geographic footprint, add new levels of care and/or achieve critical mass. While many treatment companies are regularly approached with acquisition opportunities, most do not have the valuation and due diligence expertise required to acquire companies efficiently and intelligently. SL Consulting guides clients through these processes and assists in integrating acquired assets post-transaction.

Valuation Analysis / Company Sale – Many treatment center owners have built valuable companies and consider exiting some or all of their equity positions. SL Consulting helps clients value their businesses, and runs acquisition processes to both strategic acquirers (usually 100% sales) and to private equity groups (usually majority recapitalizations). SL Consulting handles the exhaustive due diligence work required to complete a transaction, allowing the selling shareholders to continue running their companies with minimal disruption.

Billing Data Analysis / Reporting – Treatment center billing and EMR software systems provide a wealth of information that treatment businesses can use to optimize their decision-making. However, many centers don’t have concrete analyses of trends in their reimbursement, census data, payor mix and patient demographics. SL Consulting creates this analysis for its clients.



Operational Consulting Services

Cost Analysis & Control – In the constantly changing reimbursement environment, most treatment centers aren’t as profitable as they were five years ago. As a result, many companies need to monitor their expenses more rigorously than ever before. However, many treatment businesses don’t have the analytical skills to conduct this analysis effectively. SL Consulting takes a deep dive into clients’ financial statements, identifying pain points, excess and key trends.

Software Implementations / Integrations – Many treatment centers have separate software systems for electronic medical records (EMR), billing, customer relationship management (CRM) and financial management. This results in data entry duplication. SL Consulting helps clients build two-way communication between their software platforms in order to reduce back office employee workload. SL Consulting also helps clients who have outgrown their current software systems migrate to more appropriate systems.

Organizational Structure – Many small businesses lack proper organization. SL Consulting works with clients to optimize their employee rosters, delving deeply into each individual personality and skillset, resulting in a comprehensive plan that addresses reporting relationships, department headcounts, and challenging interpersonal dynamics.

HR/Benefits – It is common in the behavioral health industry for back office teams to be understaffed and overworked. HR/Benefits, while a key function at any company, can often be deprioritized in a hectic workplace. SL Consulting helps clients outsource their HR/Benefits, resulting in lower benefit costs, and reduced employee workload.