Stodzy Internet Marketing


Stodzy Internet Marketing

Stodzy internet marketing is a team of dedicated digital experts who are committed to building honest, transparent and profitable marketing platforms for treatment facilities.

For years, Stodzy has been the industry leader in digital marketing. Established in 2012, Stodzy has pioneered the digital landscape for addiction treatment marketing. The business was built on a few key concepts. First, we believe in the power of choice.

For too long, massive treatment companies have had a strangle hold on the market because there wasn’t enough information on other options. With SEO, social media, content and branding, a user or potential client has the ability to research many different facilities and make the decision on what best suites his or her needs. The decision to attend treatment is an important one, and online marketing is the best way for more effective treatment facilities to be found and have their services utilized. The internet makes it possible for smaller, and more appropriate treatment programs to be relevant and helpful. Second, we believe in owning your brand.

We have always maintained that digital marketing gives control to the actual treatment facility and their own marketing efforts. Too often we have seen referral companies, lead providers and paid ad agencies gain control of the admissions process of a treatment facility. The way for any rehab to be most effective is for them to own their own processes. When a potential client calls in from a website, this is the highest converting lead there is. Why wouldn’t a treatment facility want to have control over their own marketing efforts?


Our work and efforts maintain their value long after we have stopped working. Naturally, the longer we have to work on a campaign, the higher the yield will be. But our mission is to build marketing campaigns that hold their value. Our work will continue to bring value to your facility and your business long after our efforts cease. Finally, we believe in transparency.

Many SEO and online marketing companies make a habit of muddying the waters. It is difficult for your average treatment professional to understand the terminology, statistics, buzzwords and metrics that are associated with a digital marketing campaign. Our clientele and our high retention rate is built on service.

This means that you will be sent detailed monthly reports that detail where your money is being spent. We communicate very clearly what the results of your marketing budget have been. We also plan ways that we can improve. For us, it is easier and most cost effective to be upfront and honest with our clients and build upon our mutual beneficial relationship to get the best results possible.