We provide professional level RCM software and services that maximize reimbursements,increase efficiencies, and make you more profitable.

Revenue Cycle Management Redefined

As an Addiction Treatment facility, advertising is likely your single largest income statement expense after personnel. Yet for so many facilities, their advertising management and analysis system is limited to a spreadsheet and a prayer.


Full-Strength CRM and Call Center Manager. You’ve set up, deployed and managed your advertising campaigns in lee Advertising and Management. You entered all information about each campaign, be it Google AdWords, TV/Radio advertising or billboards. You’re tracking every dollar spent, every trade show, social media and referral contact.


Introducing VOBGetter a powerful on-demand, instant verification of benefit availability and daily monitoring is here. We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Kipu Add-In for Advanced VOB technology, called VOBGetter, developed by leeRCM. It’s INSTANT, on-demand, coverage verification by polling multiple databases & payors, 24/7/365. Results are placed directly into Kipu patient files!


Concur UR Manager™ is a full featured UR management tool giving you unprecedented control of every financial aspect of the entire patients’ treatment episode from the first UR / Admission call to and through aftercare. It all starts with Utilization Review and you know that better UR means better billing and collection. Start with Concur UR Manager™ for smarter billing and collection.


Kipu EMR

LeeRCM is a KIPU Gold Certified Trusted Partner. In addition to our QuickBooks Online interface, we’re proud to be a KIPU Gold Certified Trusted Partner. This is the highest level of interface that KIPU makes available. Far beyond an “API,” it essentially means that KIPU and leeRCM have a trusted relationship covering all of your data. Not just the face sheet and a few selected items, but every bit of your data – the entire data set, in both KIPU EMR and the LeeRCM Stack.

The Stack

We call it “The Stack” because it’s the complete ground up “Stack” of applications, all developed into a single RCM — Revenue Cycle Management function. Our “from the ground up” stack of applications was built in what’s called an “Agile Development” environment, which means we built it with and in several different addiction treatment facilities and 3rd party billers; hand in hand, with the users and owners. That means you get a system that’s very easy to use –It works the way you work without sacrificing power. The opposite is what you get in anything built more than 5 years ago. Before agile development, they had programmers write code the way that made sense to them. Then, they forced users to learn a program that is not intuitive or friendly. Just like those airline reservation systems they use at the airport; you need a PhD to use those things. That causes user dissatisfaction, frustration and extended training requirements. When you hire new staff it all starts over.

We’re LeeRCM and we’re Redefining Revenue Cycle Management

The leeRCM stack works the way you do because it was built IN, AT, and FOR addiction treatment facilities and billers. It is fast, intuitive, easy to use and extremely powerful. And it is built and lives in the cloud so you don’t need an IT department, servers, VPN or Citrix to access it. Since we lives in the cloud, we integrate well with our neighbors in nearby clouds like your EMR. Including full integration with Kipu EMR and others. We easily integrate with labs, payors (Insurance companies) CMS (Medicare / Medicaid) and dozens of others. Our VOBGetter module for example is interfaced with dozens of databases, payors, EMR’s and client databases. Easy for us, impossible for others.

The Future Is Today

There are BIG changes coming to your agency in the near future. CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) has already announced that by 2018 — 50% of all payments will switch from “fee for service” to treatment and outcomes with payment tied directly to health outcomes. These risk based, value-based payment models will not be unique to CMS, as many insurance companies are planning to follow by the end of 2018.

The challenges resulting from tying payment to health outcomes will change the face of addiction treatment for you and your agency.

  • First, bundled, outcome based payments will include all services like treatment, UDT (Urine and other Drug Testing), housing, medications, etc. into a single bundled payment, much like an In-Network facility does now, only tougher because outcome measures will determine weather or not an insurance company will continue to approve your agency for treatment.

It is estimated that most treatment facilities will have to take 20-30% out of their cost AND provide higher quality outcomes. It is also well known that most providers do not know, with any granularity, what the actual cost of marketing, treatment, and aftercare are, so starting to remove cost is a very difficult endeavour. Our RCM technology will give you detailed business analytics that you don’t need an MBA to use or understand on every cost incurred in the entire episode of care from advertising to aftercare and including everything in between. Those who prepare for the future will see the returns sooner than you think.

  • Second, you’ve heard a lot of talk about outcome measures, but probably have not even thought about how to measure outcomes. Insurance companies will shift to risk based results based on payments, meaning “If your treatment fails, It is your responsibility to re-treat”, and those with the highest failure rates will be de-credentialed by insurance companies, meaning they will not approve treatment UR for your facility. lee Outcomes will address outcome measures service and call center to measure and interpret outcomes for you.
  • Third, and probably most timely, insurance companies now require that treatment facilities collect substantially all patient balances like co-pays and deductibles, or they will refuse to pay, or pay the same percentage of patient due amounts that the facility collects. For example if your facility typically collects only 20% of all patient balances, due. Insurance companies may pay you only 20% of all amounts reasonably and customarily due to you.

We’ve Got You Covered 

The leeRCM Billing and Collections module addresses this requirement. First by creating promissory notes and guarantees before admission and at discharge for patients who need financing, or by allowing properly documented financial needs disclosure for scholarship application and approval. Next, our billing module automatically creates and mails (through third party printing and mailing services) patient statements and dunning letters. Finally, our collection systems and call center manager/predictive dialer application allows you or your biller to properly and timely place and document patient calls to defend insurance audits.

Full Featured Relational 3D Reporting

The leeRCM Stack addresses every aspect of managing your agency except for clinical, which is what your EMR does. Even there, though, leeRCM uses FHIR HL7 technology to completely link to your EMR for complete transparent operation. leeRCM is built to interface on such a high level with your EMR that our reporting module accesses every field available both in our stack and your EMR so reporting crosses every possible field at play in the finances at your agency.

Redefining Revenue Cycle Management

So when we say we are Redefining Revenue Cycle Management, we include every step in the cycle from the first ad campaign or referral through outcomes and a 5-year aftercare and telemedicine software and service.