Bridge CR is a connection between CRM systems and EMR systems. Bridge CR allows for CRM’s to fully integrate directly into Kipu within minutes.


Automate your Connections.

Save time by automating the process.Bridge CR helps your systems and team stay in sync. Your sales team is already working the leads, so why should the rest of your team.

The Bridge CR system will allow your team to connect any services that may be needed. As long as the service API allows for incoming and outgoing connections, Bride CR can connect them.

Automatic Chart Creation The Bridge CR system will automatically create patient charts in the KIPU System once the records sent are approved by an approved administrator.

Fewer Errors With Bridge CR, you will no longer have to manually re-enter duplicate information! This will not only reduce the time to transfer data, but also to reduce the risk of user error.

Streamlined Setup The Bridge CR user interface is straight forward and easy to use by any organization and staff. Available within minutes to have all client data transferred upon patient admits. Unlimited Users.

For each EMR company or treatment center that chooses to use Bridge CR, it will simplify the full integration onboarding process from four to six months to as little as a couple of hours