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About us

TegraLink provides monitoring and compliance software for agencies and professional programs. Our software utilizes interactive voice response (IVR) notifications for check-in verification, random drug test scheduling, test verification and other features, which can be utilized by parole, aftercare or halfway housing monitoring programs. Our platforms also offers document storage and review for multiple users. TegraLink solutions assist programs reach their goals of accountability, compliance and recovery.

TegraLink is a hosted solution that provides support for your drug testing program, with random and automated scheduling. Monitoring and compliance for agencies and professional programs can utilize IVR notifications and random drug testing for parole, aftercare, drug courts and halfway housing. TegraLink solutions support accountability, compliance and recovery by enabling easily monitored programs. Our platform offers document storage for review by multiple users. Our software includes compliance reports, a call-in system, alerts and other easy-to-use drug testing management tools useful to drug courts, family services and rehabilitation centers.

Addiction Monitoring & Case Management software is a valuable aid for programs and families and is often requested for legal and job related matters to make sure a patient is on track to recovery. TegraLink has all the tools for success over addiction, recovery and sobriety issues with our unique set of cloud-based program management solutions.


Program Advantages

  • Toll-free phone number for notification that includes online, text and email capabilities.
  • Group management that allows for different frequencies based on different population groups.
  • Groups can be setup for testing on any day of the week.
  • Donor-specific PIN number captures whether or not donor has called that day, what time and from what number.
  • Security within the system allows different staff levels to see only those results they are allowed to see.
  • Custom reporting allows client to create reports for chosen date ranges / groups / people.
  • Reporting of results all in the same system, instantly.
  • Missed test information.
  • Missed call information.
  • Alert notifications of critical events.

Our cloud-based monitoring platform delivers unparalleled security and access.