At Utila we believe that better communication and smarter engagement improve care outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Our Belief

Well-designed patient engagement solutions change behavior between sessions and post discharge by strengthening the relationship that patients have with their provider and nudging patients to engage in prescribed interventions.

What We Do

We provide patient engagement solutions using evidence-based treatment protocols. Using Utila providers can prescribe automated care plans that schedule SMS text messages and/or emails that deliver support and encouragement, reminders to adhere to treatment goals, prompts to check in, and educational content like videos. We fill the communication gap between visits and post discharge with a higher frequency lighter touch approach. We believe in the philosophy of meeting patients where they are at, meaning Utila’s engagement strategies are tailored to the individual. Everyone involved in treatment, within and across organizations, can connect and collaborate in a secure workspace.

Key Problems In Healthcare

Health care providers don’t have the time or resources to check up on every patient between visits and post discharge. Poor treatment adherence and follow up lead to acute utilization, higher readmission rates, and increased time and money spent on an individual’s care. Too much healthcare technology fails to enlist the patient’s participation, and the end result is that too many patients aren’t engaged, fall through the cracks and ultimately incur huge costs to the system.



TeleVox reported that consumers have a 98% read rate with text messages and a response rate of 90 seconds on average. A cardiac rehab app that delivered educational content and tracked patient metrics reduced readmission rates by 40% (Cornstock, J. (2014, April 1). Mayo Clinic study finds app reduces cardiac readmissions by 40 percent.). In the Journal of Addictive Diseases Volume 26, Issue 2 treatment was found to be more effective with the use of two-way messaging between patients and providers. And in a TeleVox study, individuals were more honest about their medical needs through automatic calls, email, and text messaging than in face-to-face meetings with doctors.


With the transition to value-based care, we understand that the patient experience and treatment outcomes have to be at the core of what healthcare organizations are focused on. Engaged patients have better treatment outcomes and are more satisfied. We help healthcare providers create a better experience for more patients with fewer resources and less money. Utila is designed to reach patients that might otherwise fall through the cracks.


We provide white-label and API solutions that integrate seamlessly into any ecosystem.

  • Utila’s provider-facing portal makes it easy for providers to prescribe evidence-based care plans that deliver support and encouragement, reminders, check-in prompts, and educational content by SMS text or email during treatment and post discharge. Providers get real-time updates and alerts, helping them to identify clinical risk and provide targeted and smart intervention.
  • Patients are engaged with two-way semi-automated text messages, emails, and a patient-facing portal that create a higher frequency lighter touch experience that is personalized and supportive. We work with providers to develop evidence-based messaging protocols and engagement programs that are designed to reinforce patients’ care plan and treatment goals.
  • Patients and providers can view treatment progress over time and gain actionable insights with Utila’s integrated outcomes graph.
  • Utila’s admin facing portal allows organizations to manage users, build and customize evidencebased protocols, and see population level outcomes.



  • Positive treatment outcomes
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Patient-centered care
  • Treatment adherence
  • Care coordination
  • Integration of behavioral health and healthcare systems
  • Time to recovery
  • Effective follow up care


  • No shows
  • Time to recovery
  • Readmission rates
  • Rates of relapse
  • Murky treatment outcomes


Utila was recently selected to be integrated into a major healthcare vendor’s ecosystem with the potential of reaching a quarter million patients with diabetes next year. Utila is also working with Smart IOP, an addiction treatment center out of Hanover, Virginia. Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, California is piloting Utila at the moment in their outpatient behavioral health services. We have also begun a pilot with CPC Behavioral Healthcare, a mental health service agency that provides counseling to children, adolescents, and adults at multiple locations throughout New Jersey.